Digital Classroom

” Digital resources for children with learning disability


Apps For Children With Learning Disabilities

Speech blubs for language therapy, Clicker docs for spelling and writing skills, Proloquo2Go for speech therapy, Montessori numbers for math activities, Storybuilder app for writing difficulty, Visual reading app, Special words for language disorder.


In order to achieve quality education, we are transforming learning spaces using educational technology. Building apps, education podcast and classroom videos using cartoons in various subjects facilitate learning and open children to various career options. our apps are used in classroom, at home, at workplace and by NGOs.


Our app educate children in mental health, environmental sanitation and hygiene, infectious disease control, oral hygiene, vocabulary, sex education


We use both interview and education podcast to educate children


Short animated cartoons are used to engage children more on lessons and for quick understanding

Cartoon Gallery

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Educative podcast on waste management strategies, pollution and infectious diseases

Waste Sanitation and Hygiene

This video will educate children on sex and gender, puberty, relationships, menstruation, teenage pregnancy, STI, HIV/AIDS, sexual violence and how to seek help, psychological counseling for rape survivors and birth control.

Sex Education Video Cartoons