Our Mission


“Our mission is to provide quality education and training, counseling, good health, nutritious food and material to orphans and vulnerable children in Cameroon with focus on empowering girls for sustainable development.”

Core Values

Honesty, efficiency and positivity


A country where all vulnerable children and girls are educated professionals with strong minds.

The fundamental program objectives include:

  • To improve the mental health and emotional health of orphans/vulnerable children undergoing violence from caregiver or society, sexual abuse, slavery and other human right violations.
  • To provide psychological support to girls who have suffered sexual violence.



To provide quality education to orphaned children using modern educational technologies for sustainable development.

  • To empower orphaned children with special needs through individualized education programs and to train more teachers in special education to reduce the gap for children with special needs.
  • To build schools and provide didactic materials to community schools to improve learning outcome.
  • To empower girls in entrepreneurship and business management to improve professionalism.



  • To fight infectious diseases in schools through environmental sanitation and hygiene and to install WASH facilities for local communities.
  • To prevent the spread of Hiv/Aids by educating adolescents children and girls on mode of acquisition and prevention.
  • -To motivate orphans with Hiv to follow up treatment and to provide psycho-social support.
  • – To educate girls on sexual and reproductive health rights to prevent teenage pregnancy, STI, as well as sexual violence like rape.
  • – To provide access to health care for children in rural communities.